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GameReviewsAU Android gameplay of Attack on Titan Assault. Played on Samsung S10+.

Play the Anime you know and love right on your phone! It’s a typical mobile game where you create a team and head into relatively automated combat. However the damage you deal is largely determined by quick time events. Hmm… interesting.

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  • Matthew Calix Gonzales
    Posted May 14, 2020 2:54 am

    @Rivaille AOT fan game gawa kayo vid

  • arnau costa heitz
    Posted May 14, 2020 2:54 am

    I just can't download it in mi sasmung galaxy s10

  • Fren Xine
    Posted May 14, 2020 2:54 am

    This game isn't available in your country? Can.you help.me with this?

  • oscar peloton
    Posted May 14, 2020 2:54 am

    I can't download it it's not incompatible in my device

    Posted May 14, 2020 2:54 am

    Awesome game

  • Tristan Tantaberu
    Posted May 14, 2020 2:54 am

    Sir next time pag mag game review kayo ilagay nyo kung online sak offline saka yung kaya kahit low specs na CP

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