Dream Pet Link is onet animal connect game. It is a very addictive and fun onet match game,Pet link. Easy to play for all ages, challenging to master.
How to play Pet Link :
Did you play the Animal Link Pet ( Onet Connect Animal ) classic on PC?
It is a puzzle game challenges your perspicacity and agility! Pair up 2 same cards, which can be connected by a line folded no more than 2 times. Clear all table to reach next level
Get the high score now!
✓ Remove 2 animal with the same kind which can be connected within lines.
✓ Remove all animals before time up.
✓ Attend to number at top left corner: LIVE, when there is no pair on the board, all animals will change position and LIVE will be reduced by 1.
★ Classic Onet game, Pet Link
★ Theme: Animal
★ Unlimited Level game
★ Beautiful graphic.
Have fun of playing Dream Pet Link!


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