Here’s my Review of Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires for the PlayStation 4 Pro in Full HD!


Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (Review) (PlayStation 4 Pro Version) [HD]
Developer: Omega Force
Release: February 24, 2015
Genre: Action, Adventure
Platform: PC/PS3/PS4/PSVita/Xbox One
Publisher: Koei
Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires is another in a long line of Dynasty Warriors spin-off games combining thrilling battlefield action with strategic gameplay. Empires takes the focus away from the historical figures that roamed the battlefields of the Three Kingdoms of China, and emphasizes player-created characters and strategic gameplay. It boasts an array of new elements and upgraded modes, including a vast selection of 83 unique playable characters, the option to create original characters through the edit mode, as well as the ability to customize horses, banners, and NPC officers. Warriors are called to fight not only against enemies, but also the forces of nature as the changing seasons and the passing of time alter fighting conditions on more than 40 battlefields.

Additionally, the game’s Custom Scenario mode adds the ability to control events across the vast Chinese continent, allowing players to adjust every last detail to form a brand new Three Kingdoms world. Finally, in Empire mode, players can choose to adopt one of many distinct roles or to experience the epic history and its outcomes through a different methodology of warfare.


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