Dynasty Warriors 9 Newest Patch 1.20 Overview/Review LAAAME!!『真・三國無双8』


yeah man this patch was lame as hell and really did not offer anything spectacular or game changing to this game. hopefully in the future they will add something significant to this game!!. #DynastyWarriors9 #DW9 #ShinSangokuMusou8



  • vidfreak727
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    so how do i know what the enemy's element is? is there color coding?

  • WolfLightning777
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    Damn that flame tiger shit sucked major ass like seriously

  • Sky Scorcher
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    Again I repeat, dear koei. Please stop with the dlc for this trash ass game and instead make dlc for warriors orochi 4. Love you,
    -sky scorcher

  • Nassim The White Flash
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    iwant to be able to change characters whenever iwant in free mode while playing a chapter, just like the P2 can do that when joining a game via splitscreen and leave and can rejoin and pick up another character, iam sure they can do that, iwanna play as many characters as possible during a mission would be a nice update

  • jaythedstyr
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    Nothing can fix this mess! Clone characters was a big NO NO! That was an absolute deal breaker for me!😤

  • Dark Legacy
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    Dude, the emote pricing I understand your gripe…. but it's in-game currency. They could have easily charged us stupid DLC prices as content.

  • Megumi Bandicoot
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    I find the game to be a lot more enjoyable then when it first came out.

    While DW9 is definitely not the best in terms of presentation and has some iffy ideas, the fact that Koei has spent so many months on damage control by fixing problems and adding new features is something I can admire and respect. Even better is that these were all free patches rather than scumming us with DLC (although I guess you could count the DLC weapons although they don’t actually declone)

  • mrrno
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    i'm mad cuz I waste my money in this game

  • Incorrigible King
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    1.19 allowed for character changes. That being said, I have no clue if Free Mode gives the entire selection of characters or if the characters are still restricted to the chapter. Regardless, 1.20 is disappointing. I can overlook the emotes. The lackluster rewards for fighting the powerful enemy makes the fight not really worth the effort. A powerful foe should drop unique rewards. Heck, I'd have accepted it dropping lord gems of its corresponding element (I'd happily lord gem farm if I was guaranteed them through these battles). But I get Book of Musous just from finishing stories and beating bandits…

    Not a bad update, but certainly lackluster.

  • travis jones
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    To be honest, this was one of my request on the survey. Mystical creatures spread out in china that'll give you unique gear and/or weapons. All they need is better animations for everything and a non combo based fighting styles. This game need a lot of help though.

  • Key
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    At least they fixing the game

  • VetoShizu
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    A giant flaming tiger? What happened to realism?

  • Orisha Queen DY
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    At least there fixing game

  • Syl
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    I will play again when the aliasing and clipping will be fixed…

  • Tyler Thunder
    Posted March 23, 2020 7:22 am

    Atleast they are working and still improving the game cant wait for future updates

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