Update Dynasty Warriors 9 Patch 1.18 PC:
– Added BGM from a previous title from the DYNASTY WARRIORS series.
– Added new wallpaper.
– Added new powerful enemies.
– Added new battle features “Break” and “Trigger Attack (Nullify)”.
– Added a new feature to edit emotes, and added new emotes to the Coin Collector.
– Improved the sorting feature.
– Improved the positioning of camps.
– Corrected an issue in which officers did not move correctly on ships.
– Corrected a number of other minor issues.

– Bổ sung thêm BGM từ các bản DW trước
– Bổ sung thêm wallpaper
– Bổ sung thêm Powerful Enemy
– Bổ sung yếu tố “Break” và “Trigger Attack (Nullify)” trong chiến đấu
– Bổ sung tính năng tính năng điều chỉnh emo, thêm mặt hàng emo trong shop Coin
– Cải thiện tính năng sắp xếp
– Cải thiện vị trí bố trí các camp
– Sửa lỗi tướng di chuyển bất thường trên thuyền
– Sửa 1 vài lỗi nhỏ khác

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  • mody hamad
    Posted April 19, 2020 11:11 am

    plz answer my question

    i have a pc and i downloaded the game a long time ago and dont have the updates how should i download the updates ???should i delete the game and download it again or what?? if you have the answer plz tell me and if you have a link to download it give it to me …..sorry i dont speak english well

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