REMEMBER: at lvl 10 you have 30% chance that hack will work, for 100% chance of working you need lvl 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For second time my video was banned from youtube and had around 1k views… I uploaded again hoping that this time will stay longer to help people!!)
In this video i am gonna show you a way for getting free RP and IP points through a HACKING league of legends page! It still works in 2012! You are gonna follow 4 simply steps!

1st STEP: Click on the link below

and create a new account in Leauge of Legends!
2nd STEP: Login with the account you just created and start playing!
3rd STEP: Play until you reach 10 lvl!
4th STEP: When you reach 10vl logout, restart your pc and login again!! A surprise is waiting for you…

50 000 RP are YOURSS for free!!
You can unlock all LoL content (champions, skins, runes,runepages,) with so much RP!

Let me explain a bit how it works!! When someone manage to hack a League of Legends signup page, you manage to hack the data that LoL client sends to the server about the account created in the hacked page, yours supposingly!! When you reach lvl 10 the lol client verifies that the account just created is not fake cauz you played some games with it and sends the verification data to the server! THIS DATA IS HACKED!! So when you logout and login, the server sends the data about the authention of your account to the client and there you go… YOU HAVE 50 000 RP and lost of IP more!!

If someone has tested it and didnt work or something went wrong with it plz send me a message.


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