League of Legends Private Hack – Updated & Edited 16/02/2013 – Status : Working
DL Link :
Note this is a reworked and updated version,
Instructions on using the hack- Run as Administrator for full features
1. Download the hack from the first link in the description box.
2. Extract the file to any folder, anywhere you want.
3. Open the hack. Let it update
4. Select all your options you wish to enable. MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE SERVER!
5. Leave the hack open and start League of Legends
6. Login and go to the main menu screen.
7. Go back to the hack and press the button “Execute Changes”
8. Wait for the hack to inject. If successful a box will pop up telling you to restart LoL.
9. Exit out of LoL and open it up again.
10. That’s it! Whatever you added should now be on your account

Nguồn: https://gameauland.com/

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    Posted April 15, 2020 3:17 am

    is work ?

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