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Definition of MMO (Massively multiplayer online) is an online game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players that why the client-server should be split into back-end and front-end (no models, textures, material or prefabs on the server side and split the functionality between server and client code).

We use the transport layer or Low-Level API (LLAPI) that is designed to permit maximum flexibility, sending and receiving data represented as arrays of bytes, while the High-Level API (HLAPI) is considered to make multiplayer game with the same scripts for host-client.

In this project, we will guide you the technique how to design the custom packets to send and receive networked commands from both sides and synchronized variables (attack, movement, animation, etc) with LLAPI.

Simple network identify
AI behaviours
Unit status
Warp between map
Spawn item (drop)
Inventory System
Equipment with 3D meshes
Player control (mobile style)
Basic NPC scripting and shop (sell and buy item)
Basic chat system
Syncing movement with low data transfer size via custom packet.
Unity’s json utility for master data

New features coming and upgrade for free.

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