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Pikachu is a popular game in the world and is considered one of the classic games today.
Pikachu: Classic Pikachu is the classic game ever, the game Extreme entertainment at all times.
Pikachu: Pikachu classic with many similar games like the game pikachu latest, pikachu onet animal and the classic beast, pikachu online.
Classic pikachu: pikachu connect animal is the latest game pikachu 2018 brings the excitement, sharp graphics and many of the good music placed in this pikachu game.

How to play the classic Pikachu 2018:
– Connect the same animals until all animals on the screen
– Each level has a certain time, you must connect all the same animals on the screen for a certain period of time.

– Nice graphics to create new feeling, fresh
– Many good songs are installed in the game.
– Challenge your eye count and your ability to calculate.
– Multiple levels of difficulty are challenging you.
– Save level when losing
– Supports all screen types for Android devices
– High resolution

Download and play now! You will be very difficult to conquer all the levels. Hoping for new innovations that will
make the classic 2018 Pikachu game more fun, more fun to bring players. Download classic Pikachu game 2018 to have
a good time!


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