MMOs let you lead an epic life, make friends, build homes, and save worlds but it’s the community that really holds things together. Well, it’s time you step in to these alternate universes and see what lives they lead in these 2017 games.

►*Question for you!*◄
Does early access ruin a game for you?

Dark and Light – Snail Games USA

The Exiled – Fairytale Distillery

Legends of Aria – Citadel Studios

Bless Online – Neowiz Bless Studio

Worlds Adrift – Bossa Studios [CANCELLED]

Identity – Asylum Entertainment

Albion Online – Sandbox Interactive

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen – Visionary Realms

Chronicles of Elyria – Soulbound Studios [CANCELLED]

Crowfall – ArtCraft

Revelation Online

Camelot Unchained

Shroud of the Avatar

MU Legend


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  • GamerZakh
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    MMO games! These always seem like risky titles because they take so long to make. What do you think about games jumping into early access so soon? Does it ruin the game for you or do you love getting an early look?

  • ZekeMagnum
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Early access is the cancer in the game genre. Once the developers get that money rolling they dont care if they release it in 6 months or 6 years

  • Dindu Muffin
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    I don't know if I should watch this. That would be like a crackhead getting samples of all the new crack coming out…also subbed. I watched a bunch of your other videos; but I've been avoiding this one for previously stated reasons.

  • Trollmen Caster
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    I play albion game aint for kids , cus is very cruel to lose everything however this is a very social game you need people for almost every thing above tier 4 , but with friends guild alliance you can conquer anything game is not p2w you can make premiun just by playing and knowing how to make money high risk high rewards.

  • Jean-Pierre Bergeron
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    the exiled is a pay to win. Forget it man.

  • the Moguntian
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Western Devs just arent able to makes mmos. Just plyerdriven pvp shit. Dead genre

  • Jaume Oliver
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Good vid man, well done.

  • FoxyRaven-TV
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Holyshit mmos is going in a wrong direktion. Seems sooo borring.

  • Chaos Channel
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Umm, FusionFall? It did die, but it's being brought back as FusionFall Retro and FusionFall Legacy.

  • Fianna
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Dark and light isn't an mmorpg. 70 people on a server is massive

  • destruction hehe
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Ashes Of Creation will be THE next gen MMO. 0% P2W, PvP focus, unique node/caravan system.

  • Asael Pagofie
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    I honestly wish WAR came back. fuck man, it was in my opinion.. The best mmo when it came to pvp, it had the potential to be greater than Warcraft.. damnit, bring it back!!

  • BuShi Do
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    I didn't just looked passed the visual on #3 I skipped that section of the video entirely 2 seconds into it.

  • PrettyIan
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Dauntless, Crowfall, and Albion are on my watchlist.

    It should be on yours too if you like action mmorpgs. :]

  • Matze Matt
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Does early access ruin a Game ?
    the issue here is that alot of publisher dont understand that a good game needs communication – slack in communicating with your community is even more ruining for a beta game becaue people will start thinking you arent making progress for the game

  • chen su
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    moonlightblade :)))))))))))) only if it comes to west

  • flavionpi
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Nice! 😉

  • Jeff Boyd
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Way to be vague. How do you make a top 10 and barely describe anything about why you actually like the game. This was a really uninformative video. You might as well have called it "Ten mmo's that are coming out that I heard of."

  • Charles Whitis
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    yes early access for an mmo usually ruins the game for me, i can only speak for myself though.

  • Beau-Dean Mclean
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Take a little look at those games before you use the same pitch that the developer uses. The MMORPG market has all but non existent honest reviews, and you're adding yourself to that list of channels by promoting Albion Online?? and a game from Snail USA?? dude snail is literally the "oh yeh my games broke but i make money so why would i fix it" company. Supporting or promoting them, is like telling the community its ok to get screwed over for your hard earned dollars, and Albion, super pay to win, not a new runescape, just the usual cash grab of a game that offers a definite advantage to player using real cash, if these games succeed others will follow in their footsteps. We need to promote the games from developers that deserve it, not just copy top 10 lists from mmo hutt(sellouts) for views. Great video presentation and delivery, I'd like to watch many more, but your information, work on validating it maybe, just a bit, no one expects you to play and know every intricacy of each game.

  • Xyn
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    crowfall.. crap

  • John D
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Elyria looks the most interesting imo. The rest are pretty generic.

  • egal
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Early access is awful.

  • mirrorsedgy
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Citadel studios does not have anybody employed that was a lead developer on Ultima Online, this is just a marketing move to grab people's interest and attention

  • Shaojin
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    @ 7:49
    No unless the developers forces us to pay x amount of money in order to reserve a spot in early access BETA instead of the old tradition way developers randomly selecting X amount of players to try out their BETA in every new phase/session.

  • Christos Karsanidis
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    I still hope someone will do "World of Darkness" (preferably CCP games ofc.).

  • Patrick Willian
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm


  • mero40k
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Summary: MMOs are dead

  • blackcat7k
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Hmmm… If this is list, then MMOs are really in trouble. In all of these… no matter what the sales pitch is. The real question for the developers/publishers:


    When you see their specific focus on how they get their cash, then you'll get a definitive answer as to whether or not they'll actually do majority of their hype or if they're going to string you along…

    Always being in a state building, but never finalizing anything…

    Always having a new idea, but never finishing their previous one…

    They've got our number and they're playing us like a pump organ.

  • Serathis
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Star Citi…. bursts out laughing

    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Hope you guys know Exiled launched and went down to 0. when i played there where 2 more other players playing lol.

  • Eni
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Such nice voice >O<

  • Nirman Juhanis
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    i fed up to keep up track with that. after black dessert ip blocked and shit. and i have to go back with guild wars. which anet fucked it up. fuck.

  • GOAT
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    If you are an old school mmo player like I am, I highly recommend you check out Ashes of Creation. It is an mmo being created by a team with a massive amount of mmo experience. They are saying and showing all the right things. Register on their site for a chance to win a closed Alpha key and more. After you register go check out the Kickstarter, it is extremely successful and has alot of exclusive perks!

  • Xaretic
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Anyone looking at it looks good so far.

  • BigupsDec
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    check ashes of creation 😀
    it looks great

  • Azrael
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    I just want an mmo that let me chose what I want to be without marking me as savior of the universe or forcing me to go and defeat the great evil, just me and an ever changing world that doesn't concern if I exist or not, let me explore it change some of it if I want to or not and punish me if I bite more that I can chew, let me live a peaceful life in my farm or let me go on an adventure with my party into some dungeon we encountered on the wild or if I want to stay in the local adventurer's guild and do quest for other people forever.

    Is that too much to ask?
    Also early access ruin games? idk but paid early access is cancerous, making you pay for an incomplete game is idiotic and more idiotic is paying for it.

  • Blare Green
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    I think that if a game is good enough to play and sink a considerable amount of time into, like Minecraft, it's ok to release way early. But to often I see games come out early and they are broken and sometimes just garbage, it's problematic. On the one hand, developers should get the final say in the development process and how and when it's released. On the other hand, I wish there were some restrictions that devs had to deal with so there wasn't so much crap floating around that you had to sift through to find the fun and entertaining games. Because it can be a lot of fun finding an early access game that's really cool and unique to purchase and back during the development process and watch it grow and expand into a great title, but it's so hard to find them that sometimes the search doesn't feel rewarding enough to go through.

  • Hakan Karaağaç
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    Very long early accses ruins the games.
    I never even played kerbal space programs full version.

  • Hakan Karaağaç
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    2-3-5-7 trash
    6- too vauge,, too ambitious to be true.
    8- nothing is released wait for updates.
    9- very interesting but it assumes that its players ill play as long as 14 months minimum.
    10- trash. Reason is we shouldnt be seeing "that" for 12 million dolars.

    2-4 and bonus ones are to keep an eye out.

  • Hakan Karaağaç
    Posted April 28, 2020 6:02 pm

    " but its the community that holds the games together"
    do you know what mmo means.

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